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Portland is a PR machine for light rail & streetcar

Here are Some Facts About Portland Oregon          

False Promises:

Copying Europe Will Reduce Driving/Increase Transit Usage

The reality: 78.3% of motorized EU15 travel is by private car

Planners noticed that Europeans use transit more than Americans and then decided that we should do things like the Europeans do. However they failed to realize that Americans are richer than Europeans and that as Europeans incomes catch up, their driving would increase. The chart below is from the European Union and shows that driving and flying are increasing and transit usage  ("Rail", "Bus and coach" and "Tram and Metro") is decreasing, just like in the USA:


From below:

Air = +132%

Passenger Car = +2.5%

Rail = -23% 

Bus&Coach = -27%

Tram  & Metro = -21.4%


Chart from the European Union Shows Transit Decrease and Automobile Increase:




Download full document from the EU   Download same document from this web site

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