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Portland is a PR machine for light rail & streetcar

Here are Some Facts About Portland Oregon          

“It must always be remembered how cost-effectiveness works in the public sector: the cost IS the benefit.” - author unknown




Printables                       &                   Misc.

Light Rail Opens, Crime Increases  32%!

The Look of Light Rail in Portland

Summary of MAX Fatalities

Transit Costs Three Times More than Driving

Europeans are Abandoning Transit Too

How Density Causes Congestion

The Look of Sprawl

False Promises: Light Rail Reduces Congestion

False Promises: Planner's Mistakes, Delusions & Outright Lies

Car vs Transit Energy

Streetcar Profiteering


Some Examples of “Transportation” Spending In Portland Area

Why AAA's reported driving cost is so high. And IRS too.

Light Rail Packet - Selected pages from the above  

 NEW: Revised, 16 page, version


Orange County (CA) Grand Jury report on light rail:

"no merit for solving urban transportation problems in Orange County."      


The 1999 Light Rail report by the Orange County Grand Jury.PDF

Two Page Summary of the Orange County Grand Jury Report

Orange County Grand Jury Report with Added Summary Cover


A Comparative Analysis of Light Rail Systems in Six West Coast Cities


New rail transit and high-speed rail will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, yet won’t save energy or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Introduction to Modern City Planning

Global Warming Information Sources


Peak Oil information


Recycling Is Garbage          (More)


The Anti "Green" Energy Resource


Oregon Tax Limit Measure 5




Updated October 17, 2018