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Portland is a PR machine for light rail & streetcar

Here are Some Facts About Portland Oregon          

“It must always be remembered how cost-effectiveness works in the public sector: the cost IS the benefit.” - author unknown








Punlic Purpose

Columbia Crossing

Cato Institute

Light Rail Scams

I-5 Partnership

National Motorists Assoc

National Transportaion Database

PSC Transport

Portland City Site

National Transit Database

PSC Population Research Center


Oregon Transportation Insttitute




Metro Code

Sustainable development

Metro Maps

Portland Zoning Code


Oregon Links

Portland Streetcar



Multnomah Co.

Congress Critter locator

Oregon Legislature Guide

Tax Supervising and Conservation



Oregon Media



National Archives and Records Administration

Portland traffic counts



Portland Budget

Non Profit Information

US code 

Portland Maps

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Teknifilm of Porltand Oregon

Technifilm - we have come into posession of some film that was in the vaults when Teknifilm closed. If you know who might own this film, please contact the webmaster.



Smart Growth & Visioning


This presentation further develops my ongoing argument that the “big debates” about the nature of our world continue to reflect the contest between the Enlightenment and Romanticism.1


Of course these two modes of thought overlap in their influence on all of our lives. The most “rational” of us is likely to have some affection for “nature” and an appreciation of one or more of the arts. So we are talking about positions on a spectrum rather than a clash between polar opposites..


This presentation examines “Smart Growth”, and “Visioning” as a means of managing our urban and rural environments, within the context of this ongoing debate.New Road to Serfdom

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Updated October 17, 2018