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Portland is a PR machine for light rail & streetcar

Here are Some Facts About Portland Oregon          

“It must always be remembered how cost-effectiveness works in the public sector: the cost IS the benefit.” - author unknown

Rail Costs Too Much, Does Too Little

First, a note about counting riders. The transit industry counts boardings, which is each time a person steps on (boards) a transit vehicle. If one person starts a trip on a bus then transfers to MAX, that is two boardings. If that one person repeats this on the way back home, that is FOUR boardings for one round trip. Trimet reports boardings as "riders". MAX has an average of 1.2 boardings per trip (2.4 per round trip.)

Current projections are that MAX will carry 16,000 riders accross the proposed Interstate Bridge each day.

Lets take a closer look:

Light rail costs 6 time a what a road costs.

$1.4 BILLION Milwaukee rail is projected to attract 8-12,000 new (to transit) riders by 2030.

Lets take a closer look:

Metro projects 22,000-27,000 riders. Taking the midpoint of 24,500 riders:

A 50% local match for $1400 million is $700 million, but we can

build DOUBLE the road capacity for 1/10 the cost.

(You can build your way out of congestion - but first, you have to try.)

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